Suncoast Behavioral Health Center fails to administer physician ordered medications

Suncoast Behavioral Health Center was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for violating drug administration regulations. AHCA found that “the facility failed to ensure physician ordered medications were administrated as ordered and patients’ home medications were ordered in a timely manner to two of six” patients. AHCA observed that a patient was “taking Metroprolol for increased heart rate and Lisinopril for high blood pressure” but the “physician orders revealed the medications were not ordered by the physician” until later. AHCA also revealed that another patient was on antibiotics to treat a UTI prior to admission. Physician orders showed that the patient was prescribed Macrobid twice a day to treat the UTI. However, the “Medication Administration Record (MAR) revealed no evidence the patient received the Macrobid.” The same patient reported that she was having diarrhea and was prescribed Imodium AD by the physician. However, review of the “MAR revealed no evidence the Imodium was administered as ordered.” The Director of Nursing confirmed the above findings. A plan of correction was not included in the inspection report.