The Vines fails to train staff on proper behavioral interventions

Vines Hospital was cited during an unannounced site visit completed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for deficiencies related to staff training. AHCA revealed that a staff person, a former corrections officer, used an inappropriate hold on a resident but could not find any evidence or documentation that the facility had properly trained staff on appropriate behavioral interventions. Video footage from the facility revealed that a staff member spoke to Resident #1 “to attempt to get him to return to school or calm down.” However, AHCA found that after the resident did not move, “Staff A placed Resident #1 in a hold on the floor which possibly caused him to suffer memory loss. The resident was sent to the hospital emergency room within a short period of time and returned with no injuries.” AHCA interviewed the Staff Member who stated that “he was a corrections officer in the past” and “he described this work as his career.” The staff member also “complained he does not know the behavioral interventions and has not been trained to use proper reinforces and deterrents with the residents.” The Director of Nursing also stated “they have no documentation to support the staff have been trained to use the proper behavioral interventions for each resident.” In the plan of correction, the facility agreed to train mental health technicians on where to locate the behavioral interventions and safety plans for each resident which were located in a binder located at the nurses’ station. Also, the mental health technicians were required to sign-off that they have reviewed the safety plan and behavioral interventions for each resident under their care.