The Vines revises policy to permit understaffing following AHCA citations

Vines Hospital was cited during an unannounced licensure complaint survey completed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for deficiencies related to program standards and staffing ratios. AHCA found that during an evening shift, the female adolescent unit had 2 staff and 9 patients when the facility-approved ratio should have been 4 patients to every 1 staff member. AHCA wrote “the facility failed to provide services to meet the needs of 2 of 3 sampled patients.” An observation at 7:42pm in the female adolescent unit “revealed 2 staff and 9 female patients including #1 and #3.” AHCA also reviewed the “facility policy for staff supervision, [which] revealed a 4:1 minimum staffing ratio for Adolescents.” During an interview with the Director of Nursing, he/she indicated “a floating staff was supposed to help cover the girls adolescent unit and had no explanation as to why it wasn’t done.” In the plan of correction, the facility reviewed and revised their staffing ratio policy to explain that “after the RTC Adolescent Program’s Bedtime, the minimum staffing ratio moves from one (1) staff for every four (4) patients to one (1) for every six (6) patients per state contract regulations.”