SHUT DOWN: A List of Closed UHS Facilities

Since 2011, UHS has closed or sold 24 of its behavioral health facilities. At least seventeen of those facilities had faced legal, regulatory or quality-of-care complaints before UHS stopped operating them.[1] In a number of cases, UHS abruptly closed facilities after regulators uncovered problems. A notable case involves the Rock River Academy for girls in Illinois, which a December 2014 investigative series in the Chicago Tribune described as “violent, chaotic and under-resourced.”[2] The Tribune found that many students were fleeing the facility and some were being drawn into prostitution. State officials suspended new admissions to Rock River in December and ordered its administrators to take corrective action, but UHS decided to close the facility instead.[3] Below is the list of facilities that UHS has stopped operating since 2011.[4] Eleven were inpatient behavioral facilities (of those, 10 were for youths), ten were alternative or non-public schools, and three were juvenile justice facilities. Click the facility name for details