Take ActionUniversal Health Services is the biggest provider of behavioral health care in America. And it’s got big problems. UHS is under investigation by the Criminal Fraud Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.[1] They’re looking at whether UHS has been fraudulently billing for behavioral care.[2] UHS is a for-profit company controlled by the family of its CEO — and about one-quarter of every dollar UHS makes at its behavioral facilities goes into profits, not care.[3] That high-profit business model may be hurting the vulnerable population UHS serves. A recent investigative report by the Chicago Tribune described one UHS facility for high-school-age girls as “violent, chaotic and under-resourced.”[4] Conditions got so bad the Tribune found that “prostitution became a fact of life.”[5] Yet caregivers at UHS facilities who try to stand up for better care report being retaliated against or even fired.[6] Unlike similar companies, UHS’s board of directors doesn’t have a dedicated committee that focuses primarily on quality of care and compliance issues. Patients, families and workers have no good place to go at UHS to raise their concerns about care. As the country’s largest behavioral health provider, UHS should be meeting the highest standards of care in the industry. UHS’s mental health facilities received over $2 billion last year from the government’s Medicare and Medicaid programs.[7] We have a right to expect that UHS executives and directors make quality care their top priority.

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To CEO Alan Miller:

  • I’m concerned about the breakdowns in care at your company’s behavioral health facilities. UHS is also under investigation for criminal fraud.

    About one-quarter of every dollar UHS makes in its behavioral division goes to profits, not care.

    As the country’s largest behavioral health provider, UHS needs to show mental health — not money — is your #1 priority.

    It’s time to have a dedicated voice for quality care on your board of directors.

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